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In the quest to save weight and maximise efficiency of your bike, why not shed unused bottle cage bolts and replace with Silicone Tidds. Tidds weigh 90% less than the unused steel bolts they replace & look super clean. Each lightweight Tidd comes in at 0.25g – so lighten up, grab a pair of Tidds. Fitting instructions!

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Tidds are deceptively simple… OK, they’re rubber plugs, but the design and materials used result in an elegant little component that offers a quick & cost effective weight saving. Suited to road or mountain bikes, the Tidds will stay in place & can easily be extracted should you wish to use a cage. Available in three colours, black, white & (of course) pink, Silicone Tidds save a bit of weight, protect threads & clean up your frame visually.

£3.99Get a pair

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What’s going on?

Posted by Tom Holt | August 05, 2014
Filed under Cool Stuff

When I picked these up in the shop, they felt fast… I’ve been looking for something more ‘minimal’ of late and these ‘Cloud’ running shoes from Swiss brand ‘On’ seemed to have the right mix of lightweight and support I had in mind. They are super-light, but feel very well made and have a kind of ‘rigid’ feel to the heel and toe box that I like.

on running cloud review

on running cloud review

on running cloud review

The shoes certainly look subtle and would do for a wander down the pub. They come with a strange elastic lacing system that covers only the top of the shoe and may be for gym work etc, as it did not seem to offer the support you’d want on a run. Having fitted the supplied ‘normal’ laces, the shoes felt great and have a nice fit, with some wiggle-room at the toe-end.

on running cloud review

In use, the Clouds felt brilliant. They definitely have the lightweight feel of a minimal running shoe, but seem a lot more supportive on mild off-road surface. I’m not sure how durable the sole would be for extended off-road use, as the construction feels pretty stripped-down, but no problems on the first 10k loop (other than a few stones stick in the valleys of the shoe – something experienced with Nike Frees).



Time will tell, but the On Cloud shoes are the best £110 (ouch) I’ve spent to date on a pair of trainers. They seem to have the perfect balance of cushioning and support for those after a bit more of a minimal feel after transitioning from a ‘standard’ pair of trainers.

Nice, Tom

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