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In the quest to save weight and maximise efficiency of your bike, why not shed unused bottle cage bolts and replace with Silicone Tidds. Tidds weigh 90% less than the unused steel bolts they replace & look super clean. Each lightweight Tidd comes in at 0.25g – so lighten up, grab a pair of Tidds. Fitting instructions!
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Tidds are deceptively simple… OK, they’re rubber plugs, but the design and materials used result in an elegant little component that offers a quick & cost effective weight saving. Suited to road or mountain bikes, the Tidds will stay in place & can easily be extracted should you wish to use a cage.
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What’s going on?

Posted by Tom Holt | June 25, 2015
Filed under Dekerf

It’s back… Our Dekerf Team SST has returned from the paint shop with it’s Reynolds 853 tubes covered in a obnoxious shade of bubblegum pink! Argos Racing Cycles did a fantastic job, which included addition of rear disc mount & hose routing (no spring chicken this SST), removal of canti bosses and application of the Dekerf decals (sent over from Chris himself).

Divided opinion a bit this one, but we’d say it rocks and  it and it’ll look even better built up (photos to come). Lot of holes in a Dekerf SST for Tidds – 8 steel bolts removed in total and replaced by lightweight Tidds in white, which work well against the pink.

Bike being built up right now by Websters Cycles in Leicester ready for the Spring… SST rides again…

Dekerf Frame New

Dekerf Team SST

Dekerf Frame - Downtube

Dekerf frame with Silicone Tidds

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