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In the quest to save weight and maximise efficiency of your bike, why not shed unused bottle cage bolts and replace with Silicone Tidds. Tidds weigh 90% less than the unused steel bolts they replace & look super clean. Each lightweight Tidd comes in at 0.25g – so lighten up, grab a pair of Tidds. Fitting instructions!

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Tidds up close

Tidds are deceptively simple… OK, they’re rubber plugs, but the design and materials used result in an elegant little component that offers a quick & cost effective weight saving. Suited to road or mountain bikes, the Tidds will stay in place & can easily be extracted should you wish to use a cage. Available in three colours, black, white & (of course) pink, Silicone Tidds save a bit of weight, protect threads & clean up your frame visually.

£3.99Get a pair

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What’s going on?

Posted by Tom Holt | March 23, 2014
Filed under Show us your Tidds!

Some more customer pics… This time a matt black Dolan singlespeed. One of the nice things about a singlespeed is how clean everything looks without the mess of cables and gear systems etc. Thought the Tidds looked great on this frame by effectively making the bosses vanish and giving a nice stealthy look.

So stealthy in fact, we added a couple of arrows, so you can see where the Tidds are!

Cheers Mark.

Dolan Singlespeed

Dolan Single Speed


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